1st Sun Combo Deluxe Granite Creek Vineyard Chino Valley 1-4

3rd Tue Frizzy & Edgey 10/12 Lounge Clarkdale 5-8

5th Thu Llory Solo 10/12 Lounge Clarkdale  5-8

6th-7th Fri-Sat Combo Deluxe Jersey Lilly's Prescott 8-12

8th Sun Duo Deluxe Azool Grill Phx 4-8

13th Fri Combo Deluxe Crown King Saloon Crown King 8-12

14th Sat Combo Deluxe Crown King Saloon Crown King 8-12

16th Monday Night Blues Llory at Charly’s Flagsteff 7-9 

17th Tue Llory Solo Chaparral Cottonwood 3-6

20th Fri Combo Deluxe The Windsock Prescott 7-11

21st Sat Combo Deluxe Chaparral Cottonwood 2-6

24th Tue  Llory Solo Hideaway Cave Creek 7-11

25th Wed Llory Hosts Spirit Room Open Mic Jerome 8-11

26th Thu Combo Deluxe Farmer’s Market Old Town Cottonwood 5 til ?

27th Fri Frizzy & Edgey Spirit Room Jerome 8-11

27th Fri Llory Solo Arizona Stronghold Cottonwood 6-9

28th Sat Combo Deluxe Spirit Room Jerome 2-6

29th Sun Combo Deluxe Spirit Room Jerome 2-6


1st Tue Frizzy & Edgey 10/12 Lounge Clarkdale 5-8

3rd Thu Llory Solo 10/12 Lounge Clarkdale  5-8

4th-5th Fri-Sat Combo Deluxe Bird Cage Prescott  8-12

6th Sun Frizzy & Edgey Bird Cage Prescott  3-7

11th Fri Frizzy & Edgey AZ Stronghold  Cottonwood 6-9

18th-19th Fri-SatCombo Deluxe The Windsock Prescott 7-11

20th Sun Combo Deluxe 10/12 Lounge Clarkdale 5-9

22nd Tue  Llory Solo Hideaway Cave Creek 7-11

23rd Wed Darryl Hosts Spirit Room Open Mic Jerome 7-10 

25th Fri Frizzy & Edgey Spirit Room Jerome 8-11

26th Sat private party New River

27th Sun Combo Deluxe Spirit Room Jerome 2-6

29th Tue Duo Deluxe 10/12 Lounge Clarkdale 5-8

30th Wed Llory Hosts Spirit Room Open Mic Jerome 7-10

30th Wed Frizzy & Edgey Chaparral Cottonwood 4-7


1st-2nd Fri-Sat Combo Deluxe Jersey Lilly's Prescott 8-12

5st Tue Frizzy & Edgey 10/12 Lounge Clarkdale 5-8

7th Thu Llory Solo 10/12 Lounge Clarkdale  5-8

8th Fri private party Wickenberg

9th Sat Combo Deluxe Kimmyz Tatum Point Phx 81-2

15th Fri Combo Deluxe Sidekicks Prescott Valley 8-12

16th Sat Combo Deluxe Old Town Tavern Scottsdale 8-12

17th Sun Combo Deluxe 10/12 Lounge Clarkdale 5-9

20rd Wed Darryl Hosts Spirit Room Open Mic Jerome 7-10 

22nd Fri Frizzy & Edgey Spirit Room Jerome 8-11

23rd Sat Combo Deluxe Spirit Room Jerome 2-6 and 9=12

24th Sun Combo Deluxe Spirit Room Jerome 2-6

26th Tue  Llory Solo Hideaway Cave Creek 7-11

26th Wed Llory Hosts Spirit Room Open Mic Jerome 7-10

29th-30th Fri-Sat Combo Deluxe The Windsock Prescott 7-11