1st-2nd Sat-Sun  Spirit Room     Jerome  2-6

6th Thu  Llory Solo 10/12 Lounge  Clarkdale  5-8

7th-8th  Fri-Sat    Jersey Lilly's   Prescott  8-12

9th Sun  Rickety Cricket Brewing on the patio Prescott  2-6

11th Tue   Llory Solo    Hideaway     Cave Creek  7-11

14th Fri   Old Town Tavern  Scottsdale  8-12

15th  Sat    Azool’s   North Phoenix  8-12

18th Tue   Llory Solo  Chaparral  Cottonwood   3-6

21st Fri  Sidekicks  Prescott Valley 8-12


22nd  Sat   Balloon Fest Prescott Valley  2-3:30 

22nd  Sat  AZ Bike Fest American Legion Hall Cottonwood 7-11

23rd Sun   10/12 Lounge    Clarkdale  5-9

26th Wed  Llory Hosts Spirit Room Open Mic  Jerome 8-11

27th Thu  Farmer’s Market  Old Town Cottonwood 5p…

28th Fri  The Windsock   Prescott  7-11

29th Sat  2nd Annual Pop a Top Reunion at The Chaparral  Cottonwood   2-6


4th Thu  Llory Solo 10/12 Lounge  Clarkdale  5-8

6th-7th Sat-Sun  Spirit Room     Jerome  2-6

12th-13th  Fri-Sat    Jersey Lilly's   Prescott  8-12

19th Fri  Spirit Room Llory's out of town but the Boys will be playing with 

  Jesse Valenzuela of the Gin Blossoms   Don’t miss this show!  Jerome 8pm

23rd Tue   Llory Solo    Hideaway     Cave Creek  7-11

26th Fri   Old Town Tavern  Scottsdale  8-12

27th Sat Private Party

28th Sun   10/12 Lounge    Clarkdale  5-9

31st Wed   Spirit Room   Jerome 8-11


1st Thu  Llory Solo 10/12 Lounge  Clarkdale  5-8

3rd-4th Sat-Sun  Spirit Room     Jerome  2-6

9th-10th  Fri-Sat    Jersey Lilly's   Prescott  8-12

26th Fri   Old Town Tavern  Scottsdale  8-12

17th  Sat  Rickety Cricket Brewing Prescott  8-12

18th Sun   10/12 Lounge    Clarkdale  5-9

20th Tue   Llory Solo  Chaparral  Cottonwood   3-6

23rd-24th Fri-Sat  The Windsock   Prescott  7-11

25th Sun  Rickety Cricket Brewing  Prescott  2-6

27th Tue   Llory Solo    Hideaway     Cave Creek  7-11

28th Wed  Llory Hosts Spirit Room Open Mic  Jerome 8-11