"One of the best bands in Arizona" - The Arizona Republic

Llory McDonald


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We are wishing everyone will take

care during these trying times.

Meanwhile we thought you might

enjoy these:

Combo Deluxe 1999

Combo Deluxe 2008

Llory Sings Janis

Hang On Sloopy


Saturday May 23rd

Dillons at Western Trails Ranch

37839 W. Grand Ave

Morristown AZ

2-6pm  On the outdoor stage

Sunday May 24th

Duo Deluxe

at Azool Grill

North Phoenix


Fri-Sat June 5th & 6th

Lion's Den Bar and Grill

Pinetop AZ


(outdoor stage)

Duo            Hang on Sloopy                 3rd Tue

Old Town Tavern       Scottsdale 3:30-7:30

Fizzy & Edgy            3rd Tue

10/12 Lounge           Clarkdale 5-8

Darryl Hosts              4th Wed  

Spirit Room Open Mic    Jerome 7-10

Duo Deluxe               5th Thu    

10/12 Lounge                    Clarkdale 5-8

Combo Deluxe              6th & 7th Fri & Sat

Bird Cage                            Prescott 8-12

Duo Deluxe                    10th Tue  

Old Town Tavern           Scottsdale 3:30-7:30

Combo Deluxe          13th-14th Fri-Sat

The Windsock               Prescott 7-11

Combo Deluxe                   17th Tue

St. Paddy's Day

Azool Gril                           N. Phoenix 7-11

Llory Solo                      19th Thu

Stromboli's                        Cottonwood 3-6

Combo Deluxe             20th Fri

Old Town Tavern          Scottsdale 8-12

Combo Deluxe              22nd Sun

10/12 Lounge                   Clarkdale 5-9

Llory Solo                        24th Tue

Hideaway                             Cave Creek 6-10

Llory Hosts                     25th Wed

Spirit Room Open Mic    Jerome 7-10

Llory Solo                        27th Wed

Arizona Stronghold      Cottonwood 6-9

Fizzy & Edgy                    27th Fri

Spirit Room                       Jerome 8-11

Combo Deluxe                28th Sat

Spirit Room                       Jerome 2-6

Combo Deluxe                29th Sun

Spirit Room                   Jerome 2-6

Combo Deluxe              31st Tue  

Fred and Diana's Ret. Party

Paul & Jerry's Saloon   Jerome  6-9

           April Shows

Darryl Hosts                   1st Wed

Spirit Room Open Mic     Jerome 7-10


Duo Deluxe                   2nd Thu

10/12 Lounge               Clarkdale 5-8

Duo Deluxe                    5th Sun

Azool Grill                   N. Phoenix 4-8

Fizzy & Edgy                 7th Tue

10/12 Lounge             Clarkdale 5

Combo Deluxe           10th-11th Fri-Sat

The Windsock             Prescott 7-11

Fizzy & Edgy                 15th Wed

Chaparral                    Cottonwood 4-7

Llory Solo                        16th Thu

Stromboli's                 Cottonwood 3-6

Combo Deluxe             17th Fri    

Kimmyz Tatum Point    Phoenix 8-12     

Combo Deluxe                18th Sat

Old Town Tavern        Scottsdale 8-12

Combo Deluxe           19th Sun

10/12 Lounge             Clarkdale 5-9

Llory Hosts                   22nd Wed

Spirit Room Open Mic     Jerome 7-10

Fizzy & Edgy                 24th Fri

Spirit Room               Jerome 8-11

Combo Deluxe          25th-26th Sat-Sun

Spirit Room                       Jerome 8-11

Llory Solo                   28th Tue

Hideaway                   Cave Creek 6-10

Bird Cage Saloon

160 S. Montezuma St.  Prescott   AZ

(928) 778-9921

Paul & Jerry's Saloon

206 Main St. Jerome AZ 86331

(928) 634-2603

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